About AI Audit

Audience Quality for Instagram allows advertisers to check influencers before they actually work together.

If you are here you are probably here for one of three reasons.

1. - You are a marketing professional or a company wishing to advertise their brand. You have shortlisted a few potential Instagram Influencers and now you want to check which one has the highest level of social engagement. So you get the most bang for your buck!

2. - You are an Instagram Influencer and you want to ensure you have the highest possible level of social engagement, not just social reach so your promotional or paid posts return the greatest benefit to your clients so they are satisfied and you increase your revenue and repeat business!

3 - You are suspicious about the number of followers someone has, and where they may have got them from. Social media is a way to make money by being paid for posts that advertise something or by receiving gifts, event invites or other benefits. The price you command for your posts is based on your social reach. How many eyeballs will see the post and what is that worth to the advertiser? Someone with more than 10 million Instagram followers can earn more than USD $10k per post! Now you realize why celebs are often slipping their latest "can't live without" product into their feed!

Kris Jenner - Advertising 310 Nutrition!

Jennifer Hawkins - Advertising Barley Plus!

So a way to increase your social reach is to buy Instagram followers. There are numerous companies that can supply your account with robot followers or human followers. But the thing with these types of followers is they don't really interact with your posts once they've followed you. Unless of course, you opted for a package that included some paid likes. To check if an account has possibly paid for a follower that isn't organically gathered we can analyze their account and their 20 most recent posts to see how engaged their followers are. This is the level of social engagement, which is more important than social reach. If the resulting ratios for likes and comments based on the number of followers are outside the industry standard, it is likely that the account has paid Instagram followers.

Another reason someone might have non-engaged followers is that they are bots. Instagram Bots are script driven accounts that are used for various reasons. To hide their computer heart and to make them seem more human they post random comments and follow random people to hide their true purpose. Their real purpose might be for when their master instructs them to follow someone, like a comment or spam people to advertise something.

Note: Some accounts will typically have a lower level of social engagement than the industry standard for legitimate reasons. So don't grab the pitchfork just yet! For example businesses and commercial brands often have only 20% of the usual engagement when compared with an individual, because people follow, but rarely interact. Also, someone may not have bought their fake followers, they might just be a bot magnet!

About Gramy Auditor

Gramy Auditor compiles data from Instagram and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth. We include information such as estimated earnings and future projections, providing both numerical data and easy-to-read graphs. Statistics are freely available to anyone using our website. Currently, we track thousands of Instagram accounts and users.


Gramy Auditor started out in 2018 as a fun and cool way to gather statistics about your Instagram account. Following a small brief on Monday, came out on Friday: a one-page service with about 20 Instagram stats.

Future Goals

We are constantly looking towards the future, and how we can expand to report on more social media sites, provide better services to our users, and make data as accessible as possible.

We also strive to increase our reach through reporting more industry news on our blog and by forming business relationships with respected organizations such as YouTube, Twitch, Amazon, BroadbandTV, Semaphore, Instagram and more.